About COS 25

What is a Diamond in the Rough?

A rare hidden beauty waiting to be discovered.

Living Clean,The Journey Continues p. 45

There is no separation between the "spiritual part" and the rest of our program, just as the facets of a diamond are not separate from the stone, the spiritual aspects of our program are not separate parts; they are perspectives on the whole.

A Guide to Local Services In Narcotics Anonymous p. ii (Copyright page)

"...the four sided diamond enclosed in a circle..."

"You are the best kind of beauty--a mosaic of scars and radiance. A delicate combination of facets, unveiling everything you have been through. Parts of you have seen the dark, endured the pain of loss, and encountered the disappointment of betrayal. Please do not hide these fragments of who you are in fear of feeling incomplete or unworthy of love. Please remember that all diamonds are not cut the same. You can be flamed, yet still cascade light. You can be fractured, yet still complete.

Do not doubt the brilliance of your own light. If you work to love all facets, you'll shine brighter than everything around you.

You are imperfect yet invaluable---You are a diamond in the rough!!

We now realize we were hidden jewels and gems waiting to be discovered. Everything we have been through has allowed us and other recovering women to grow and flourish into the best visions of ourselves. WE...those lumps of coal and darkness became diamonds through the process of pressure, decay, surrender and love."

~Author Unknown

The Baltimore Area is honored and thrilled to be hosting the 25th Convention for the Circle of Sisters, NA and hope that you strengthen your recovery and relationships this weekend.

~Connie J. COS XXV Chair