Atlanta Welcomes Circle of Sisters XXIV

March 11-13, 2022

Circle of Sisters (COS) is a traveling Women's Convention of Narcotics Anonymous. COS XXIV in Atlanta is being hosted by the South Atlanta Area of Narcotics Anonymous. Cities that host a COS Convention have won the bid through a process (see guidelines). This is a convention that attracts "sisterhood" in the recovery process. While our traditions state that no addict will be turned away, we respectfully request that our brothers allow us this weekend to bond in the common needs of women; and we thank you in advance for honoring our wishes.

The Theme of Atlanta's COS XXIV celebration is "Our Journey Is A Gift". Our journey is a gift and as a gift we may choose to unwrap it or not. It is a personal choice. If we choose not to unwrap this gift we will not learn who we truly ARE. However, if we choose to Unwrap this Gift, Our Journey can benefit the journey of others.

The ATL, A-town, Hotlanta, whatever you want to call it, Atlanta is known for many different things. Its diverse musical heritage ; its Southern hospitality; its sports teams , birthplace of major corporations, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, 'the world's busiest passenger airport', the only City in North America destroyed by fire as an act of war, the world's largest drive-thru restaurant, and the 2nd tallest hotel in the Nation, COS XXIV's host hotel, Westin Peachtree Plaza. Do you know the names of celebrities who got their major break in Atlanta, and went on to be some of the top artists in the music industry? Do you know the major sports teams in Atlanta? If not, then you're in for a real treat. One of our events is a tour of Atlanta.

We are peachy excited to welcome you to explore Atlanta's civil rights legacy and journey, and sharing some of A-town's historical past and present. For more than four decades, Atlanta (the birthplace) has been linked to the civil rights movement. Do you know who the civil rights leaders are who helped move peace and equality forward in Atlanta? The Visionaries who saw a new South, a new America, a new Atlanta? They made monumental sacrifices for peace, social justice, love and dignity for all. And because of them, Atlanta became a fast-paced modern city which opened its doors to the 1996 Olympics. We will provide the opportunity for you to take a Friday morning tour of Atlanta, enjoy our Southern hospitality, and hear the message of recovery from our sisters in this beautiful process.

We look forward to hosting you at Circle of Sisters XXIV!!!