"Contacto en Español" 

Chair: Karen R

 Vice-Chair:  Eva R 

 Secretary:   Christine M

Arts&Graphics:   Rosie H.

Asst Arts&Graphics: Christi G

CI/Operation Chair:   Patricia

CI/Operations Vice Chair:  Annette V.

Entertainment/Fundraising Chair:  Tamora PL

Entertainment/Fundraising Vice-Chair:   Mary C

Hotel Chair: Desiree J 


Hospitality/Volunteer Chair: Toni  N.

 Hospitality/Volunteer Vice Chair:  Tina L 

Merchandise Chair:  Christine D

Merchandise Vice-Chair: Andrea R

Program Chair:  Arlene M

Program Co-Chair:  Donna H

Registration/Additional Needs Chair:   Gail U

Registration/Additional Needs Co-Chair: Willie C

Member at Large 1: Lupe C

Member at Large 2: Vicky J

Member at Large 3: Traci P

Web Mistress:   Barbara F

RSO Rep: Mary M

 COS Advisor:  Snoopy

 The XXI Circle of Sisters Convention of Narcotics Anonymous Committee Meets:

First Sunday of the Month, starting at 10 a.m.

At the Northern California Regional Service Office 1820 Walters Court

Fairfield, Ca 94533

There are a few open positions.